Back to ink seal

Time:2017-04-07 00:00:00

The return seal, also known as the flip seal, consists of a cylindrical or square ABS plastic shell, and can be reversed under the action of the external surface and can change the color and fill the printing of the Indian composition. Will be printed on the text and patterns engraved on a corrosion-resistant rubber mat, and then engraved with a seal on the surface can be printed on the plane can be printed on the plane. Use the time, will be printed into the cylinder, the palm of your hand open, with the palm of the seal against the top of the seal, gently press down, inside the seal with the film will be turned over with the palm of the hand, the printed text or pattern Pressed on the paper, then as long as the pressure to relax the palm, the printed surface and re-fixed cover in the inside of the printing table.

Compared to the current market of atomic India and osmotic printing, back to ink seal more durable. Put on a different printing table, a chapter can be covered with different colors. India oil used up, only need to replace the Indian plate or add ink, but also allows you to complete the perfect cover on thousands of times. The print is quick and clear, and the stamp font is never deformed. This printed inside the Indian ink, printed head possession, the seal when the print head automatic ink cover.

The ink back seal is divided into light return ink seal and heavy ink back seal.

Back to the ink seal built-in printing Taiwan, stamped only when the light down, back to the ink seal will be automatically completed at the same time dipped in ink and stamped two processes. Compared to atomic printing and osmotic printing, the ink back seal is more durable. Put on a different printing Taiwan, a seal can be covered with different colors, convenient and practical.

Back to the ink seal purple, red, blue, black, four colors to choose from, writing clear, comes with ink, easy to use, easy to cover easy to dry, applicable to all types of chapter chapter, Of the characteristics, does not apply to the bank seal seal.

Ink back to the seal of the general use of high-strength corrosion-resistant rubber manufacturing, long-term use is not easy to deformation. Ink back seal with rectangular and round and square plate and different sizes, suitable for large and small factories, institutions, the company office and other occasions.