What is the meaning of the small number below the company seal?

Time:2017-04-11 00:00:00

Company seal below the small number is the company's number of security above the answer is: invoice special chapter on the number of what the name of the invoice above the name of the enterprise, the digital part of the enterprise in the national tax or the Inland Revenue Department registered tax registration number, Usually after the establishment of the company in a certain period of time (to receive business license 60 days) to the local public security bureau for carving official seal of the financial chapter registration. Those who have been approved by the Public Security Bureau of engraved points can be engraved (Note Special industry license), or after the Public Security Bureau can not find your company's bottom of the film, and later some legal or economic disputes on their own very bad, no one can say that this chapter is the company, and your right The above number is the company's tax registration number, which is the tax department to do so. When you go to the carved chapter is not allowed to random carved