How to clean the clothes on the red mark

Time:2017-04-11 00:00:00

Removal method:

1, toothpaste can remove the imprint on the clothes, as long as the first clothes in cold water soak for a moment, then stained with a place evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste, and then rub some soap, then gently rub clothes Of the local, stains will gradually eliminate.

2, milk boiled milk can also be used to remove stains, as long as the stained clothes in the pad under a clean towel, and then a group of clean cotton dipped in a little boiled milk, where there is a ball-point pen stains Repeatedly wipe until the stain disappears completely.

3, white vinegar vinegar is also able to remove the trace of trace of a good helper. May first place the laundry detergent on the clothes stained place, with a soft brush dipped in a little water diluted white vinegar solution, with stains on the clothes repeatedly light brush, and finally gently rub clothes Can remove these stains.